Our final deliverable!

Preparing for the presentation

At the beginning of the week, we had crafted a preliminary draft of our slide deck and presentation to present to Peter for feedback. The order of our presentation still needed reconsideration — we had several parts to convey, and only ten minutes to present:

  • A brief recap of…

Formatting our evaluative research survey and making it live

Survey outline and refinement

In developing the outline for our survey, we spent significant time considering the structure and what it was we were comparing. Was it two different problem framings? Two different approaches to an ARC Institute concept? …

March 15–21

This week, we began drafting our generative research protocol and trying to find participants. We reached back out to a PPS teacher we had interviewed, who said that she might know additional teachers and administrators who would be willing to share their insights. However, we were faced with the contextual…

Mapping secondary research

This week, we began conducting secondary research before drafting a research protocol for primary interviews. Two main methods for organizing our secondary research had surfaced in class: The STEEP+V framework and MLP framework.


STEEP+V stands for Social, Technical, Environmental, Economic, Political, & Values, and is a framework for mapping external…

Team Members: Mihika Bansal, Amrita Khoshoo, Eliza Pratt, Ian Shei, Catherine Yochum

In spite of a culture of sustainability amongst many coffee retailers, roasted grounds are almost always packaged in non-recyclable materials designed to be thrown out after a single-use. We decided to redesign the system around coffee packaging in…

Team Members: Mihika Bansal, Amrita Khoshoo, Eliza Pratt, Ian Shei, Catherine Yochum


Coffee is an ancient commodity that ties together cultural histories across time and geography. …

Week two of our IxD project on remote collaboration

Insights from Interviews

We found a higher level of satisfaction with remote teams among our participants than we had anticipated. They included a Portfolio Management Analyst for an energy company, a Design Lead for a consulting company, an independent User Experience Researcher, a Magazine Editor, and individuals working in tech, aeronautics, and institutes…

For this open-ended Interaction Design Studio project, our brief asked us to “design a collaboration tool or system that improves or facilitates the interaction between remote users to accomplish and perform tasks.” The final product would require multi-sensory inputs and outputs that go beyond the screen as well. Naturally, our…

source: information is beautiful

Analyzing the data visualization

The visualization, which focuses on cash crops, can be found here.

What data is introduced?

The dataset is titled “What is the world’s biggest cash crop?” but biggest could be interpreted in different ways. That is why the graphic first introduces four columns characterizing crops — most planted, most fecund, most popular, most revenue…

Icon > “Eye”-con > Earcon. It’s an auditory icon. And a pun -__-

We are entering the final week of our project and are eager to add a couple of chimes, which we learned are known as earcons, to the motions and visual ui styles we’ve put together. This is a brief exploration in order to help us decide which to use.


Catherine Yochum

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